In response to an appeal by French President Emmanuel Macron in June 2017, Germany promised France that it would fund and host researchers.

Objective: encourage researchers and academics around the world, along with NGOs and citizens, to get directly involved in the fight to protect the environment and limit climate change. 


  • 1st phase of the program: 32 researchers were selected (out of 5,000 applicants) by an international jury to conduct studies (how climate change affects hurricanes, carbon storage, pollution) and 154 applicants were selected for shorter-term projects (masters, doctoral students, post-doctoral students and short-term research stays);
  • 2nd phase of the program in France and Germany (October 2019): recruitment of 23 additional researchers.

Initiative: Emmanuel Macron, president of the French Republic.

Launch: One Planet Summit, Paris, 12 December 2017.

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