100 projects to address the threat of climate change weighing on water resources in Africa

In order to meet water and climate-related challenges, more innovative and ambitious projects need to be developed. This is particularly true in Africa, which is one of the regions most vulnerable to the impact of climate change.

The objective of this initiative, launched during the OPS in December 2017, is to incubate 100 projects in the space of five years, by raising €20 million from climate donors, and targeting non-infrastructure adaptation projects as a priority. They include knowledge and capacity building, adaptation strategies and action plans, appropriate governance and funding and nature-based solutions.

The initiative aims to address the consequences of climate change on water resources, such as more frequent and severe floods and droughts, lower river water levels, damaged aquatic ecosystems and higher sea levels, leading to the salinization of groundwater in coastal areas.

Incubation is intended to help local actors overcome funding problems, due to a lack of awareness and understanding of the complex procedures specific to climate finance. Projects must meet several criteria, they need to provide evidence of addressing climate change and, where possible, involve several partners and opt for nature-based solutions.

Local, tangible projects have immediate impact. Examples include detecting leaks, improving flood resilience, enhancing aquatic ecosystems, managing ground water, cleaning up sanitation-related pollution, and protecting wetlands. For example, the project to better the resilience of rural populations thanks to the creation of clean water and sanitization sanitary service. Implemented in the Souss Massa aera in Marocco, the project aims at inssuring access to clean water for local populations, fight against soils desertification and to be a factor of limiting rural exodus.



The aim is to make it easier for project leaders, technical experts and water and climate donors to meet and work together on practical water and climate initiatives. A range of current projects, led by various partners, promote new solutions in more than 30 African countries.

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The International Office for Water steers this initiative, coordinating the work of its various partners, overseeing communication and promotion and canvassing climate donors.

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Main parties to the initiative: International Office for Water, French Ministry for the Ecological Transition, French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Finance (Directorate of the Treasury), Agence Française de Développement, World Bank, water agencies, French Water Partnership, UNESCO.

Contact: riob@riob.org