To tackle climate emergency, the UN Climate Action Summit took place in New York on September 23rd. The Summit showcased concrete and realistic plans to accelerate global commitments, highlighting the need for strong cooperation. French President Emmanuel Macron recalled that One Planet Summit “has demonstrated that a strong and contemporary multilateralism is possible, involving new actors, investors, companies […] launching a new momentum" (Watch French President Emmanuel Macron’s addressing the UN General Assembly)

United Nations General Assembly/Climate Action Summit (Photo credit Martin Loper)
Assemblée générale des Nations unies - NY - 23 septembre 2019 - Crédits Martin Loper
Assemblée générale des Nations unies - NY - 23 septembre 2019 - Crédits Martin Loper
Sommet action climat des Nations unies - NY - 23 septembre 2019
Sommet action climat des Nations unies - NY - 23 septembre 2019
Sommet action climat des Nations unie - NY - 23 septembre 2019 -2
Sommet action climat des Nations unie - NY - 23 septembre 2019 -2

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The One Planet Summit is a platform of commitments developing since 2017 concrete solutions for climate, biodiversity and oceans

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Through innovative partnerships, the One Planet Summit mobilizes public and private funding to protect oceans, forests and combat land degradation.
The creation of public-private funds makes it possible, through a guarantee mechanism provided by a public actor, to encourage asset managers to invest in the preservation of natural capital. This is the objective of the Natural Capital Lab, dedicated to the protection of biodiversity in Latin America.
With the One Planet Summit, companies commit to rethinking their entire value chain. 18 companies of the agro-business sector joined the - One Planet Business coalition for biodiversity-, actors of the fashion industry (Fashion Pact) and European ship owners and cruise lines (SAILS Charter for the protection of marine ecosystem).

375M$ to restore degraded land and preserve biodiversitym)


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The One Planet Summit coalitions are developing tools to put the environment at the heart of economic actors' strategies, creating new investment opportunities but also solutions to reduce the risks associated with climate change.
The Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) is building the tools to measure the long-term risks associated with climate change and to integrate sustainability criteria into the management of their portfolios. A commitment also made by the 6 sovereign funds members of the One Planet Sovereign Wealth Funds Working Group
More and more private investors encourage companies to disclose information on the climate impact of their activities (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) and to drive the clean energy transition to take action on climate change (Climate Action 100+).
Redirecting investment flows towards more sustainable projects, the International Development Finance Club, in conjunction with the multilateral development banks, have committed to aligning their portfolios with the Paris Agreement and increasing the share of financing dedicated to climate and adaptation to climate change.

42 central banks and supervisors commit to greening the financial system


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The One Planet Summit supports the transition to low-carbon energies and innovates to simplify investments and mobilize large financing.
The carbon neutrality coalition (25 countries, 32 cities and many companies) undertake to publish their national trajectories by 2050.
The One Planet Summit, the European Union is supporting Central and Eastern Europe countries to stop their dependence on coal and finances six pilot projects in Poland. This objective is supported at the international level by the Powering Past Coal Alliance (30 countries, 22 cities and 31 companies).

+ de 2Md$ mobilized for deploying renewable energies


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The One Planet dynamic has enabled the launch of cooperation and research programmes to deepen our understanding of the environment and the effects of climate change.
In order to produce and distribute relevant, timely and reliable data on the impacts of climate change, the French centre national d’études spatiales (CNES) launched in 2018, the Space Climate Observatory
The mobilization of these major actors goes hand in hand with the support and training of young people and researchers to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This is the objective of the DeSIRA programme, supported by the European Commission and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, aiming to strengthen research and innovation in agro-ecolog 

25 spatial agencies committed to share their data