One Planet Lab 2019 

In 2019, the One Planet Lab has formulated a number of recommendations and proposed actions around the following work streams:

  • The fight against global warming: maintain and increase the mobilization of stakeholders, particularly through the carbon neutrality coalition (objective of expanding the coalition and engaging new countries); identify sectors with high stakes in reducing emissions and, in particular, recommit stakeholders to energy efficiency
  • Oceans protection: strengthen the fight against pollution, particularly plastic pollution, through commitments from the private sector (shipping, fashion industry)
  • Biodiversity preservation : with a focus on sustainable land use and the deployment of agro-ecology
  • Mobilization of finance: Mobilization of multilateral development banks and international development finance institutions in the face of the challenges of financing global public goods in the 21st century; strengthening the adoption of extra-financial reporting standards (TCFD); strengthening mechanisms for financing green infrastructure.

One Planet Lab 2020

While the pandemic hit the world, the One Planet Lab has come together to reaffirm that preserving the environment, fighting climate change and preserving biodiversity are pillars of a more resilient and just society. The crisis and its origins have reinforced the awareness of public and private actors. This crisis must be a driving force for accelerating the transformation of the economy, enabling the transition of the most impactful sectors, promoting job creation and continuing the transformation of the financial sector.