To boost the commitment of companies and financial institutions to nature, effective, widely recognized instruments are needed.

Risks associated with biodiversity loss are underestimated and are not taken into account by our economies. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights this even further, and tragically reminds us of the stakes of  biodiversity preservation.

The TNFD, which launched inJune 2021, will develop and deliver a common risk management and disclosure framework, with the ultimate aim of redirecting private financial flows towards nature-positive outcomes.

The goal of this international taskforce will be to examine existing tools and to formulate recommendations to better integrate and target environmental issues in the risk management and decision-making processes of companies and financial actors.

The goal of this taskforce is to create a risk management and reporting framework by 2023 allowing:

  • companies to identify, measure and consider the impact, dependencies, risks and opportunities linked to nature in their activity;
  • financial institutions to identify and analyse the extent of the repercussions and dependencies of economic activities having a direct and indirect material impact on biodiversity and, in turn, to internalize the risks stemming from assets linked to these harmful activities.

The use of this international framework, coupled with transparency obligations for companies regarding environmental and social impacts, will allow citizens, investors and all other stakeholders to compare the environmental performances of companies and improve understanding of the repercussions and dependencies for the actor concerned.


34 Taskforce members

34 Taskforce Members are now well underway with leading the development of the TNFD framework for nature-related risks, supported by the 250 organisations of the TNFD Forum, with the beta version on track for release in march 2022.


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