Through The Lion’s Share, the corporate world can now make a contribution each time an animal appears in their ads, raising money for wildlife conservation, habitats, and animal welfare.

The Lion’s Share initiative is a unique and innovative way of raising much-needed funds to help animals everywhere by asking companies to contribute a small percentage of media spend from advertisements featuring animals to conservation and animal welfare projects.

How does this work : 
When brands use image of animal in ad campaign (animal can be real, a cartoon, or computer-generated), then advertiser donates a small percentage of paid media spend to The Lion’s Share Fund. Companies must commit to contributing at least 0.5 percent of their spent advertising media that feature animals to The Lion’s Share for their advertisements; 0.5 percent of media spend might be small for individual advertisers, but collectively it could generate a very significant amount of funding if enough advertisers sign up. With this, UNDP and The Lion’s Share Fund finance wildlife conservation and animal welfare globally

On the ground : 
The Lion share concrete projects aim at

  • Protecting the last 4,000 wild tigers 
  • Safeguarding core jaguar populations. 
  • Securing 1 million hectares of wilderness in perpetuity 
  • Combating the illegal trade of ivory and rhino horn 
  • Improving the welfare of over 200 million animals and abandoned pets worldwide 


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