The fashion and textile industry for the environment: the Fashion Pact brings together, for the first time, the leaders of more than 70 global companies in the sector (ready-to-wear, sport, lifestyle and luxury), including their suppliers and distributors, all committed to ta common core of key environmental goals in three areas: stopping global warming, restoring biodiversity and protecting the oceans.

The Fashion Pact aims to serve as an unequalled catalyst: to drive massive investment in and adoption of low-carbon, biodiversity-friendly, and ocean-conscious ways of doing business across all of fashion. Launched at the occasion of the G7 summit in Biarritz in 2019, the Pact has grown from  32 signatories to 71 companies across 14 countries and 8 sectors in only one year.

Because of existing progress in sustainability in recent years, The Fashion Pact focuses on actions that go beyond existing industry measures. By endorsing existing initiatives such as the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and building on guidelines such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s work on plastics, we can leverage our clout as 30% of the industry to deliver additional impact and chart a path forward for all consumer goods manufacturing.

Companies commitments

Fighting global warming: 40% of the energy consumed by all members is from renewable energy.

Reducing impacts on biodiversity: the coalition supports the initiative to develop "science-based targets" for nature to develop impact reduction strategies.

Taking action for the oceans: 70% of members have reduced their use of plastic packaging since joining and are currently working to implement the use of sustainable alternatives.

As environmental and social priorities rise to the forefront of industry agendas, initiatives like The Fashion Pact help drive positive change through collaboration. Coming at this from a unified, collective position at this scale shows how serious the fashion industry is about working together to make tangible action to protect our planet.
Manny Chirico, PVH Corp.
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The fashion Pact is overseen by a steering committee composed of 15 CEO, working closely with the Operating Committee that is  the CSO-driven implementation body within the coalition.

The first progress report of the coalition has been released in October 2020 outlines the structuring and progress of the coalition's work.

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