Some thirty coalitions and concrete initiatives have been created through the One Planet process. Their leaders have committed to achieving specific objectives and being accountable.


In order to ensure consistency and transparency in the process, the One Planet Summit coalitions must:

  • be action-oriented, instigating concrete projects that have a measurable impact on the ground and can be replicated or have the potential to significantly redirect funding sources and change investment rules;
  • be based on a set of measurable outcomes. Outcome assessments are available on the One Planet Summit website and updated regularly;
  • contribute to the main vectors agreed at the international level or to setting more ambitious objectives whenever possible (coalitions of voluntary stakeholders, identification of champions...;
  • work towards the Sustainable Development Goals and ensure that no negative externalities  are created in relation to other internationally agreed principles. The coalitions foster respect for the rights of all, promoting equality and inclusion. They assess their potential impact on local populations and have regular interactions with civil society representatives;
  • whenever possible, their actions participate in the United Nations Convention on Climate Change agenda.
  • Climate Action 100+
  • Land Degradation Neutrality Fund (LDN)
  • One Planet Summit Elysée
  • One Planet Sovereign Wealth Fund Working Group
  • Global Alliance for Smart Cities in Africa GASCA)
  • Alliance solaire internationale (ASI)
  • Carbon Pricing of the Americas
  • Fashion pact
  • Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA)
  • One Planet Business and Biodiversity coalition (OP2B)