Without firm commitment, without concrete measures and without joint mobilization of all stakeholders in public and economic life, it will not be possible to implement the Paris Agreement on a schedule compatible with the accelerated pace of climate change. We cannot wait until it is too late to take action!


One aim: to speed up the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

Jobs, innovation and the creation of economic opportunities are central to the concerns of the One Planet coalition. To bring about this paradigm shift, the world’s major sovereign funds, institutional investors and development banks are already taking steps to change investment models. Major companies are thus affirming their responsibility in the face of climate change and taking measures to account for climate, social and environmental risks in their business models. 
In a context where we know already that public funding alone, however essential it may be, cannot overcome this challenge, the One Planet Summit aims to be a showcase for innovative projects and emblematic initiatives that enable redirection of finance towards objectives of sustainability and inclusiveness, helping bring about the advent of the low-carbon economy of the future. Nobody should be left behind and immediate steps need to be taken now for the most vulnerable populations.


One method: engaging and reporting back.

The One Planet coalition is a forum for mobilization and action that brings together State and non-State stakeholders on all continents, on terms specific to each initiative. Their obsession: ACTION! Throughout the year, the partners work together and advance their projects which are implemented worldwide, thanks to the international network of the founders: France, the United Nations and the World Bank. The spearheads are proud to showcase the impact of their initiative during international meetings where they bring on board new supporters. The One Planet Summit therefore stands out as a platform for commitments and projects in the service of the international community.



climate commitments


max temperature rise targeted by the Paris Agreement on climate


participants at the first One Planet Summit in Paris on 12 December 2017

12 commitments for the planet :

In Paris, on December 12 2017, a One Planet coalition came together to put forward concrete initiatives to meet the shared objectives set by the Paris Agreement on climate.